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Kristin inspires her followers and clients to make success their birthright and to rise above lowercase myths and limitations in order to achieve personal and financial freedom for themselves and their families. Her expertise in authentic leadership and empowered entrepreneurship has made her a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and keynotes on real topics that matter.

She is a serial entrepreneur, radio show host, podcaster, tv show host and a premier business consultant and coach. She is a regular contributor for the HuffPost, Thrive Global and LinkedIn, and the author of a transformational memoir that documents her journey of awakening. She is a mom to 3 daughters who are her greatest teachers in life and she resides in West Chester, PA.



Socrates said, “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” To walk through life with a sense of wonder means you open up to a knowledge that is beyond the physical mind. It is a wisdom activated by your heart, imagination and your intuition. It is the source of your highest self, the part of you that knows the truth of who you REALLY are and your infinite potential.
We recognize that children are our greatest teachers on earth. Children are willing to own their creative genius without fear or hesitation, and they are connected to the well spring of innovation, creativity and wonder that is at the root of our greatness. At a young age, society has not yet molded and influenced them to conform and their imagination holds tremendous power to transform our thinking. We live in an unprecedented time and it is our children who will help us to tap into our highest wisdom, reclaim our truth and live our most fulfilling lives.

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