France Retreat

Spend 5 days in the countryside of France,transformingyour life with one of the most incredible experiences of your lifetime.
Prepare to be inspired, increase your confidence and create dramatic, lifechanging results with 100+ people from all over the world. Are you ready toconnect?
Singles Retreat July 15th – 19th, 2018

A team of specialist experts to ensure you the most positive outcomes, safety, and security, free from competition, mind games and gimmicks. These range from the production team, psychologists, coaches, health and wellness.

This exceptional experience will be filled with magical moments and memories designed specifically to enable you to become even more of who you are. To truly help you transition to where you know you have always wanted to be.

You will share this incredible setting with 100+ amazing people (80+ singles / men and women, ages 30 to 60 years young) and couples (10+ couples). Couples are there to help mentor and matchmake.


Masquerade Ball


Sunrise Yoga

breathe, stretch, feel, become


Art, Wine and Love

explore, sense, wonder, and laughter



push, determine, define



energise, perform, perfect


Argentine Tango

connection, movement, excitement

Whilst participating in all that you can, fulfilling your freedom, these precious moments will be filmed in the highest standards and quality, documenting your evolutionary journey. Which begins in pre production, where you will learn more about yourself and this amazing journey you have started.

At the end when of the day, when you look in the rear view mirror, you will reflect upon your precious time in your life, warmly smiling as you remember those magic moments in your heart, mind and soul.

As Oscar Wilde once said”       To live is the rarest thing, most people just exist”.

Option 1 | Singles Retreat
Villa #1 Lodging Food & Beverage Champagne Bar at The Chateau Daily Transportation
Activity Access Sunrise Yoga Crossfit Love, Art & Wine
$4,999.99 50% down Final 50% by 2.1.2018

Option 2 | Singles Retreat VIP
Upgrade to Main Chateau – Lodging Food & Beverage Champagne Bar at The Chateau Custom Photo Shoot in the Chateau
Activity Access The VIP Date Room Lounge Access Sunrise Yoga Crossfit Love, Art & Wine Evening Hair & Make Up Touch Up
$7,499.99 $2499.99 down Paid in full by April 1, 2018