Sedona Retreat

Join us for a transformative, 7-day retreat to help you overcome your fears, reclaim your power, and find the clarity you need to align with your inner purpose. Yoga, meditation, rest, hiking, singing, dancing, empowerment, and ceremonies to connect with the land of the red rocks, ourselves and each other. Book your flights into and out of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for 3/24/2018 – 3/31/2018. We will be staying in a spacious, private estate in the vortexes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included and will be prepared by our private chef according to your dietary needs.


Day 1: Welcoming Ceremony: Preparing for the Transformation Ahead! Introductions, reviewing the week’s journey, connecting to your inner child, intentions, healings and activations to clear any blockages for the upcoming ceremonies.

Days 2-6: The schedule has flexibility to allow updated changes to reflect the energy of the group. It is best to go with the flow of the moment during a spiritually-based retreat:

  • Wheel of Life

    Interactive, healing seminar that breaks down all facets of your life to help provide clarity in your present situation.

  • Chirology Workshop

    Demonstrates how your hands hold the key to your brain’s hard-wired thoughts, the vocations you are best suited to pursue, your emotional predispositions and the life you came here to live!

  • Spiritual Mentoring Ceremony

    Learn how to connect to your guides…those spirits who are here to help you find the clarity that you are seeking in this next chapter.

  • R & R Ceremony

    This group healing ceremony involves restoring and repairing those common fears and beliefs that we have as a collective. Expect incredibly powerful and profound healings!

  • Personal healings

    Restorative practices performed by Kristin and Fred together.

  • Hikes to Vortex Sites

    We will have at least 3 vortex hikes planned as a group. More can be experienced during free times. We may be performing some of the above experiences at these vortex sites to enhance the healing collective.

Day 7

Reflection and Projection Ceremony- We will be discussing the journey we all experienced together, what has shifted in us, the integration of our inner purpose into our new life, and how to navigate from here. We will celebrate the life-changing week we all just had together and offer a roadmap for moving forward.This incredibly transformational event has limited availability and is filling up fast. The personal investment in your future is as follows:
$3333/person, based on double occupancy (you will have your own bed with a roommate).
$5555 based on single occupancy, if you would like to have your own room.

This all-inclusive investment includes everything you will need for the week. What is NOT included is airfare, personal purchases, and optional one-on-one intensive healings with Kristin and/or Fred. We will also be holding conference calls leading up to the event for attendees and those interested. These calls will be designed to help clarify questions and to perform group healings prior to the retreat to allow you to be in your optimal place for the amazing journey that awaits you!